Saturday, 14 May 2016

Temora Traveller

Another recent finish was a shop sample.  Introducing the 'Temora Traveller'!  And talk about popular!  I took some to the Bridport Friendship Day (which was an awesome day) and sold out pretty fast! 
Here is the key fob, which has a magnetic snap to attach it to the inside of the bag:

The applique section...

And all done! Here is the stitchery side:

And the applique side!

Here it is opened up....

I have the patterns available, which includes the 2 lace zips and spring clip. 


Kim said...

Love the hexie key fob. The Temora Traveller is very cool. The applique is so pretty, as is the embroidery. 'Tis a great sewing bag to hold one's stitching things.

Jo said...

That is a great project bag. It looks so lovely in the red and white. Well done. I'm sure you will sell heaps....

Leanne said...

Such a beautiful bag Sarah.

Helen said...

Lots of work in that bag..... very nice.


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