Saturday, 29 September 2012


Here are my last two finishes for this month!  2 more Peanut Pillows!  These are SO quick and easy to make.   I think the hardest part is choosing fabric!
Designed by 'A Spoonful of Sugar': A brightly coloured peanut pillow is perfect to provide much needed neck support when travelling in a car or airplane, or when sitting on the couch. Peanut Pillows are quick to assemble and make a great gift for travellers, friends, kids, or anyone with a neck problem. You won’t want to stop at one!
Notice they say 'you wont want to stop at one'!  How true as I have now made quite a few.  lol  I have also been told it would be great to rest your wrists on while stitching OR you can even rest your book on it while reading.
One is for a belated gift as we were catching up with this special person next weekend.

And this one is for my MIL


Just waiting on my Mum to arrive so we can get stuck into this wedding quilt which needs to be finished by Sunday next week! 


Larissa said...

I am loving the fabric combinations you used in these pillows!!! Fantastic work Sarah!!!

Roseanne said...

Very nice I do like both of them.

Roseanne said...

Very nice I do like both of them.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

They look fantastic Sarah..

Roseanne said...

Love you peanut pillow. Still have not made any yet. We will have to catch up for a cuppa some time.

Anonymous said...

Love these cushions :))