Sunday, 13 May 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mum's!!

Last night I whipped up one of Lisa's patterns, the Peanut Pillows for my Mum.  She did a bit of nagging yesterday (thanks Jeanette lol) about wanting one in French General fabrics and being SO quick to make, I got straight to it!  This is how it ended up:

She loved it and was quite surprised that I made it for her as I told her I was not going to make her one hehehe! 

So, its three of these made up now (yes I know, I am the 3 lady!!)... and my MIL wants one now lol!


Leanne said...

they looks so comfy Sarah. I bet your mum loves hers,

Annie said...

Three is my lucky nunmber - you are a good daughter!!!

Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too... Hope you had an awesome day :)