Thursday, 5 April 2012

New shoes

I can honestly say, I am a HATER of the Croc's.  You know, those big, plastic, bulky, clogs.  Yes, I know they are super comfy, and are great to stick on when out in the garden etc...... but they are just SO ugly!  I swore and declared I would never, NEVER be the owner of any....... But, have you seen the latest ones out?  Well, I eat my words.... I am actually the proud owner of 3 (or 4) pairs now.  My first pair a few years ago, just a sandal which are super comfy.  I bought a new pair of sandals beginning of summer, and a slip on....... Then I found these - in RED (you can also get them in pink!):

They arrived yesterday.  Sign up for their newsy and you receive 20% off!  Gotta be happy with that!


Anonymous said...

very nice Sarah.xx

Quilt Kitty said...

They are far prettier & I bet comfier than plastic chocs. I admit I have a camoflague patterned pair of plastic crocs for the gardening but that's it, not to worn elsewhere. Tracee xx

Vicki said...

Plastic crocs are hideous, but fabulous when you're walking through water in Bali, I assure you. Toes are well protected and need to be with the state of their pavements. But these, these are cool!!!!!!!!!!!