Friday, 17 February 2012

What's on the Gammill Friday

Today's What's on the Gammill Friday is a very, VERY special project!  You may know the maker of this quilt.... Her name is Toni.

Toni asked me if I would be willing to quilt this quilt for her cousin Lisa.  I actually jumped at the chance.  You see, I have been a reader of Lisa's family blog for a long time, stumbling on it via her photography blog (she takes the most amazing photos).  She has been through A LOT over the last few months and to do something like this is such an honour!  This quilt is a memory quilt, using Lisa's husbands t-shirts and it looks fantastic, really fantastic!  I was not sure how Toni would piece it together, and its come together way better than I expected.  Lisa's husband died suddenly on Australia Day while on holidays, only a few months after loosing their son Noah to a rare condition.  You can read Lisa's family blog here.   Also, if you are interested in helping the King family, Naomi is also running a fund raiser, click here for more info. 


make it perfect said...

Aaaaargh!! Sarah, it looks SO cool!!!!!!!!!! You are an angel :)

Anonymous said...

whow it is awesome,i feel for Lisa,but what a lovely memory quilt.xx

The Kings said...

oh WOW Sarah!!! I'm so excited about this. It looks so good. Thank you sooooo much for being so kind and doing this for me (and Toni). It means a lot to have so many lovely people, show so much kindness to me and my boys right now. I can't wait to get it and snuggle under it. Not quite the same as snuggling with Aaron though, but it's going to be treasured for many, many years. xxx

Susie said...

I only discovered this terribly sad story last week via blogland...what a beautiful memory quilt though!! Lovely to snuggle up to and cherish those lasting memories.

Clares Place said...

Sarah it looks fantastic!!! You are awesome! I am sure the King family with always cherish it.
Clare xxx