Sunday, 20 November 2011

Sydney part 2

We also visited the Maritime Museum. Checked out inside a submarine! Gosh there is not much room in those! Some beds are just under the missile's. Wouldn't want to sit up, you'll bang your head lol! We also went and checked out The Destroyer, James Craige and the Duyfken (well, I had to get off that one.... It was quite rocky so I was feeling quite seedy!!):

Then off to the Aquarium. You cant take pics in there as they don't turn out that great! I love checking out the Sting Ray's. They have funny a mouth. You can just stay in the tunnel for AGES checking out the fish, turtles, rays and sharks!

While at the Maritime Museum, I spotted this:

There was actually 2 in dock! Then while waiting for our Dinner Cruise on an old ship, we sat right across this, just before it set sail. The other went out shortly after:

Ok, I have a little obsession..... I also spotted it from up the tower too, just peeping around the corner!

One day, when I retire I WILL go on one! It is something I have always wanted to do. Not sure how I would go really as I do get a little motion sick!

On the sewing front, I have finished ONE swap gift! YAY! And it looks great! I have another cut out and its on my Design Wall at the moment for when I get a chance to get it together. My Xmas Ornie Swap is done, ready to post first thing, another Ornie for Miss Sophie's hairdresser for Xmas is completed...... Just about to make a little calendar to go with it, before a friend drops in so I can help her get ready to sew a cushion together....... She's no a sewer, but has been interested in a little while, so she decided to make a couple of hexie cushions. And, she is loving it! Might get a quilter out of this one!! lol

I hope you all have enjoyed your weekend.

x Sarah


Anonymous said...

very interesting Sarah,thankyou for the tour.

De said...

Congrats on the swap finishes!
Definately go on a cruise - you will love it! And if you get the slightest bit sick - they have an injection to stop it!

Quilt Kitty said...

That's interesting about the injection, every time I've been on any boat I've got horribly sick too so will have to remember that. I've seen the Duyfken when it was in Perth & I worked for the Leeuwin sailing ship co. It's not called 'Little Dove' for nothing. Imagine being out on the ocean in that tiny ship. Great pics, thanks for the tour. Tracee xx

Annie said...

I love the stingrays too Sarah....I stood for ages just watching gliding over the tunnel....they kind of remind me of Casper the Friendly Ghost.....don't ask why. They're awesome creatures :)