Monday, 22 August 2011

Sunday out

On Sunday we decided to have a nice relaxing day by going out for the day. There has been PLENTY of rain here and lots of flooding, so we thought it was a good time to go to Liffey Falls with the SLR camera!

It was a nice drive there:

This pic was taken at the start of the road, just over the bridge:

Man Ferns were everywhere. Look at this huge one, 3 times taller than Dennis (I also took a pic of a funny bendy one.... will have to look for that!):

It was a nice walk down:

The first Falls. Only small, but there was quite a force behind it!

This one is the main falls, pic taken from one of the lookouts:

This is the one from the bottom of the falls. I didn't go completely to the bottom as I would have had to walk over some wet rocks..... I was a little too scared in case I slipped and fell on my butt!

These pics were taken with my little camera. Just a little Sony Cyber Shot (Dennis hogged the SLR lol). He got some wonderful pics. On top of the large falls (the one just above. Not sure if you can see from my pic), there is a big bolder sitting on the edge which I am sure was not there last time we went..... It was lovely to see all that water. Last time we went, there was really only a trickle! To see more pics of Liffey, some are really beautiful, check it out here.

The Launceston Gorge was also flooded and there were HEAPS of people flocking there to take pics. We didn't bother stopping by. But, if you want to have a look at some pics of the Launceston Gorge, click here. It truly is an amazing place, not far from the city centre!

x Sarah


Anonymous said...

beautiful pics Sarah a truely lovely place

Linda said...

Great photos...I do love a waterfall...we won't have any around here until Spring...then we will hike out there often!

Karen 'n Chris said...

Gorgeous pics. Adore the ferns. They always make me feel like a place is a little bit magical and ethereal.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Beautiful Sarah looks like the perfect wasy to spend a Sunday...