Thursday, 23 June 2011

I 'Love to Shop'

Don't we all! Today was spent in Launceston, so while I was there I did a bit of shopping! As I walked past Diva, I noticed that they had a sale on..... 4 items for $10! I just HAD to stop in...... I purchased 3 broaches (more on that later as it is a little secret thing) and when I went looking for the 4th, I came across this GORGEOUS 'watch' necklace:

It measures 2 1/2" long, so not as big as the pic looks - I think it is just the angle the pic was taken! Cute!

Ok, so while on the shopping note, my other finish! Love To Shop Purse! Another project I HAD to do when the pattern came out and finally it is done!

And was SO easy to put together!

I have another nearly finished too, just a little bit different.... More soon!


Isabella said...

GOSH what more can you say to that price you dont see that every day

Roseanne said...

Love the watch necklace how cute is that. Gee the purse turn out great. I will have to make my one up.

De said...

Love the bike - and what a great bargain!

Your love to shop purse is awesome - sure it will get some use - LOL