Thursday, 5 May 2011

More hexies

Ok, so I have decided to do a Nancy Halverson 'scrap' hexie quilt! I have bits from quite a few of her ranges, and they all go beautifully together. Once I get further along, I will decide if I need to add any 'other' scraps. So far:

Another 3:

Brings it to 5:

Then another 3 bringing my total to 9!

Pretty chuffed with my flowers so far! I am sure it will be quite pretty!

Some of the girls have gone hexie crazy (have you seen them? Here), I know they are SO addictive, but I had to put them down for a bit while I concentrate on another couple of things which I shall show you within the next couple of days!

x Sarah


MARYNAN said...

I love Nancy Halvorsen fabrics as well. I can never seem to get enough of them!!!


Leanne said...

You are going great guns sarah, the fabrics are very pretty.

Bec said...

Gorgeous hexies and Nancy Halverson fabrics are so so lovely. What a beautiful quilt this will be!