Friday, 27 May 2011

Gifts for me

Recently I celebrated my Birthday. It was a nice relaxing day at home, just bumming around! Thankyou to all who emailed and TXT'd me xx

My wonderful Friends In Stitching gals sent me a lovely gift! There was a challenge: You must make something that begins with the letter in which you live. The person that made for me lives in a place starting with 'N'.

A cute handmade card:

A Nifty Needlework pouch with a Anni Down's stitchery on the front. Cute fabric!

And, a heap of co-ordinated Notions and a Nice pattern (very clever wording!):

Pretty chuffed with my goodies I tell you!

Thanks girls for making my day xx

x Sarah


Lib said...

Happy birthday Sarah. So many birthdays around this time of year! I was in Melbourne at the weekend for 2 (5 and 40!) Hope yours was enjoyable.

Bec said...

Beautiful gifts Sarah!