Wednesday, 2 March 2011

A trip on Sunday

I got invited to a Stampin Up party on Sunday, so off I toddled with a couple of friends. I just *love* Stampin Up gear!

It was a great workshop, and we all made 2 cards. Here is my butterfly one:

And, my Happiness one (the sample one didn't use the embossed purple card, but I wanted to have a go of their machine thing, and I liked the effect so used that). The lady who demonstrated it, loved it too, and she is going to make one now lol:

It was a nice day out!

x Sarah
PS: I am sorry about my music thing, it is playing up not sure why! I am going to get rid of it, and get another that does not automatically play, so if you want to hear it, you will have to click on it. I have my little laptop in my sewing room, sometimes I have it playing when I am in there sewing.


Scottish Nanna said...

Love your cards I go carding at A friends house Once A month I love itIt comes in handy to make your own cards.
Hugs Mary.

Sue ♥ said...

love the cards and also the music

Isabella said...

Love the second card best is that a new flower punch or should I say punches wish someone around here did stampin up.
Cant say I'm sorry about the music I use my laptop while hubby is listening to that stupid box thing with pictures so I kept having to turn it off.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah,
I went to a stampin up class last weekend! You can see the cards that I have done on my blog. I also got a good link if you use stampin up stamps. They have many different ideas indexed by the stamp name.