Sunday, 20 March 2011

Brady's Lookout

Last Monday was a public holiday here, so Dennis and myself decided to take the SLR camera out to take some pics (and of course I took along my little one, because I just don't get a look in when it comes to that camera lol).

Just 40 minutes away from home, is Brady's Lookout. We both had not been there since we were kids:

Total amazing views from there. Here are some pics I took with my little Canon Cyber Shot:

I think this one is my favourite of them all:

We also went to the Wetlands to take some pics. We had never been there before, and there always seems to be heaps of cars there in the car park. I took heaps of pics there too, I will pop back and show you tomorrow!
I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!
x Sarah

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Roseanne said...

Lovely photo of Brady's Lookout. I have never been to bradys lookout may be I will have to go and have a look some time.