Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Off for a few days

Tomorrow morning (6.30am), I am off to Hobart for a couple of days. DH's work is sending him to the Hobart division, all expenses paid, so I have taken tomorrow off to go with him! For company (and shopping!!) lol

Last weekend I got some tracing ready. 12 Tis the Season blocks, though I wont be starting this just yet, Gail Pan's Birdie Block Keeper which I have already started, and am about half way through and ran out of DMC, and I traced off the notice board in Vignette which I plan to stitch while away.

I chose very different colours to the original, hopefully it will work out as nice!

I have lots of shopping planned while away - want to check out The Quilted Crow's new place, we will be taking a computer so I do hope to blog as well.

Oh and the Wooden Boat Show is on too.... Will be checking that out!

Best be off, charge the camera, get the Navman ready (I will need it as I don't know my way around, and I will be using Dennis's work car which I have only driven once!!), I hope I am not late for a special lunch..........


Sarah said...

Oh how exciting you are coming down!

Yes do visit the QC - beautiful!

We plan to check out the wooden boat festival.

May 'bang' into you : o )

Isabella said...

Have a great time Sarah if you get to Howrah check out quilting on the edge small shop but lovely lady also Frangipani in Sandy Bay has great aborigonal fabrics

Pauline said...

have a nice few days away sarah....not that you have time...hahah..have quilts here waiting for ya!!!!! heheheh..say hi to the quilted crow girls for me..

Vicki said...

Have a great time, Sarah. QC's new premises are lovely. Btw, have you booked in for the "DAY" yet? Lib and I are doing Saturday 26th.

Lynda said...

I'm sure you'll have a great time. Whatever fabrics you've chosen will look wonderful.

welsh penny said...

Hi, well??? Where's your shopping? mum