Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Never too early!

It's never too early to start a Christmas project!

I am happy to announce, that Patchworks Plus will be participating in Lynette Anderson's 'Christmas Fun' button programme!!

How cool is that?! Every month, you buy the button, and receive the block pattern for free. Features, stitchery and applique as well as piecing. Running over 8 months, with the first button released in March. Prices vary depending on the button (between $10 and $13 approx) and post in Australia is FREE.... For more details, pop on over to check it out or here... Be quick as spaces are limited!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,
Thanks for your blog post. I have just signed up and purchased the first month. Can't wait to receive it!

Vickie said...

Oh I am so so tempted...so tempted oh that's it I'm in..no time limit to finish...cheers Vickie