Wednesday, 12 January 2011

HELP please!!

What can I say that has not been said already?! The floods in QLD is just SO devastating. Lives lost, homes lost!! I turned the tv on late this morning, and was shocked at what I had seen.... It is like watching at a horror movie! SO SURREAL. The clean up will be long and hard........ Australia needs YOUR help.

You can help if you have not already.

Toni from Make It Perfect is organising online auctions. You can bid on the many auctions taking place NOW!

Here are a few auctions that I know of:
Pauline, Fiona, Amanda, Christine, Rosalie Quinlan, Melly & Me, Cinderberry Stitches, Sarah, and Toni herself! Please dig deep, get a group to bid for these amazing items.......
Or if you would rather donate click here.
Every little bit helps.
x Sarah


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting it on your blog, very much appreciated.
Take care

Linda said...

I'm wondering how we in the US can help...I will contact the Red Cross...they are always helping out.