Saturday, 6 November 2010

More holiday

One night, we went to watch the Cane Toad Races (funny!!) at one of the pubs, we stayed a little while after to have a few drinks and found this fella was the entertainment for the night..... He was on Australian Idol a few years back (cant remember his name!), he was very good!

On Saturday, we went for a day trip to visit Cape Tribulation...... such a pretty place! We took a little ferry on the river:

Not only did we see 1 crocodile..... but 3!! Yep! They told us at the beginning, that we may not see any today, as there had not been any sightings, but there were 2 together here (can you see the 2?), and one was further down the river.......

While having some dinner at the resort, we came across some little green frogs....... Cute huh?

The markets were on on Sunday, a little disappointing actually as things were a little over priced and no-one would haggle! Aren't markets all about getting a bargain and negotiation on a price....... Anyway, check out these COOL coconuts! Love that pink lippy lol!

On Friday, we all headed for the Quicksilver Cruise:

We headed out until you could no longer see land to see the coral and fish! Just beautiful! We went down in the little semi submersed subs to check it out..... Took heaps of pics, but they didn't turn out too well!

There were some beautiful fish about! We even got to see a shark while in the sub!
What a lovely place Port Douglas was.....
x Sarah
PS: I am slowly catching up on all the emails from when I was away......


mandapanda said...

Looks like you had the best time Sarah!!!!!!!

Bec said...

Looks like a fantastic holiday, glad you had a great time; and welcome home!