Wednesday, 27 October 2010


Seems like SO long ago, but I made my lovely friend Leanne a postcard block for her Postcard quilt. I wrote a little message on it for her:

In the crazy quilt of life, I'm glad you're in my blocks of friends.

Quite fitting!! While at Camp, Leanne took it with her so we could all see it:

Here she is smiling proudly (in her pj's!):

Leanne, you did a wonderful job on the quilt! And, I am so pleased that I was a part of it!
x Sarah
PS: Tomorrow, I am up bright and early (3am) ready for our work holiday to Cairns.... We are really looking forward to it, 4 nights of warm weather!! Oh, life's tough!! LOL
I will schedule a post for tomorrow, of a gift for a dear friend!


Vicki said...

Have a wonderful time, Sarah!

Lib said...

You will so enjoy yourself, bon voyage!

Fiona said...

Ok keep rubbing it in...... All of the lovely sunshine you are going to enjoy. Only joking of course.. Have a fab time - But I know you will.

Hugs - Fee X

Jo in TAS said...

Have a fabulous time Sarah!!

Leanne said...

Hi Sarah
This quilt is the most special quilt I Have ever made. Thankyou for stitching my block.
Hope you are having a great time in Cairns.