Monday, 18 October 2010

Phone pouch and another secret!

A project I whipped up last weekend was this mobile phone pouch! Made with a pic of my friends 'baby boy' (as she calls him lol) 'Jack' the Jack Russell! She had been eyeing my phone pouch my Mum gave me a couple of years ago with a Miniature Schnauzer on it, and had been looking for one with a Jack Russell on it, but could never find one...... So I made her one, personalised with a pic of HER boy!

I slipped her phone in this morning when she wasn't looking! Talk about excited! She loved it!

On other sewing news..... I have LOTS of stuff going on, but I cant really show just yet..... not for a week, sorry! But, I will show you this little sneak peep of one thing:

Actually, you can probably tell what it is...... oh well!
I hope you enjoy your week!
x Sarah


Isabella said...

Looks goog but we want the weekend pics to see all I missed out on :)

mandapanda said...

love the camera pouch!! I must get me a colour printer and some of that material printable stuff...
Is it a new pincushion? Me likes!!

clare's craftroom said...

Beautiful as always Sarah , love the phone pouch , what a great surprise .

teresa said...

Love the phone pouch Sarah.. another gorgeous pressie using precious photos. Love it xx

Liz said...

Your phone pouch gift is a fabulous idea. The photo makes it so personal and special. Do you mind if I use your idea to make one for my daughter using her cat's photo?
With her birthday in 2 weeks and Christmas not far away It would be a great surprise gift. I will link back to you if it is ok.