Saturday, 9 October 2010

Bliss-full weekend! And secret special!

I can't believe it has been a week since my last post!! Things have been a little hectic here, but I am managing quite well! I suppose it helps that I am a routine freak! I have managed to finish and post off Helen's Paper Bag Swap Gift..... I hope she likes it! Opening day is next Friday, so I cant show until then. I have also finished our Camp Swap gift of a 'Sewing Accessory' too! Pretty pleased with how that turned out! My hand sewing of a night is the next 'My Garden' block 4...... number 5 should not be too far away!

Anyway, I really had to show you this quilt....... Isn't is just Bliss-full?!

It is not mine (wish it was, as Bliss in one of my FAVOURITE'S at the moment!! I have more Jelly Rolls in Bliss arriving soon!), but it is one I have just finished quilting......

The colours in this range is SO pretty!!

It looks great Jayne!

Remember those quick piecing Pinwheel blocks using those charm squares HERE...... Well, I now have the White Bella Solid charms in stock! So, for all my blog readers (weather you have a blog or not), purchase 1 pack of White Bella Solids and 1 pack of Bliss Charms and email me the word 'pinwheel' to get them both for the great price of AU$22 + post (which is a saving of $5!). This is for a limited time only.......... Once I receive your order and the code word **EDIT (via email... it wont work if you try to put it in the promo code)***, I will adjust your invoice to suit.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend!
x Sarah


Vickie said...

Oh my goodness that sure does look stunning -what joy you must be having quilting that for Jayne, I've emailed you my order thanks for the special,cheers Vickie

Clares Place said...

It looks fantastic! Great job (as ALWAYS)on the quilting!

Leanne said...

OOOhh that Bliss fabric is beautiful, I just might have to order me some of that.
Your quilting is lovely Sarah

Love Leanne

welsh penny said...

Wow, lovely quilt,did she tell you what pattern it is? mum