Thursday, 2 September 2010

New gadget

I have found every quilters dream....... The Clearly Perfect Angles!! I tell you, this little beauty will make things SO much easier and quick, really quick!!

Check out this little video, it doesnt take long, I am sure you all will agree:

I purchased mine from here. There will be no stopping me now!!


Karen 'n Chris said...

Yay, no more ruling lines on blocks. More time for sewing.
Thank you for the link too, saves me having to search for it.

MARYNAN said...

Sarah, I have ordered one of these through Punch with Judy at The Rock, near Wagga in NSW. Can't wait to receive mine. Thanks for showing us!!!


Kerri said...

Thanks, I have ordered one today. Cant wait for it to come

Christine said...

That looks really good. Have you tried yours out yet.