Monday, 20 September 2010

Card Trick

Yesterday, I planned to sew up a storm...... borders on the 'secret' quilt (yes girls I have decided - thanks for your opinion), put together some 'My Garden' blocks (so I can show you all) and make the next block for our Friends In Stitching. Well, my morning jobs took longer than I expected and the FIS was the only stitching I managed to do! Oh well, these things happen!
But, I must say I am pretty pleased with Jenny's choice - 'Card Trick':

Such a lovely easy block, though I did manage to un-pick one particular block 3 times!! I placed it down in the right position and sewed it wrong..... 3 times!!!

Feels so good being up to date with these...... Thanks Jenny! Now, only 2 more to go!
My night sewing has been hand quilting my Runner, and it is looking GREAT if I do say so myself! Actually, I am nearly finished, just a few blocks left then the binding!
x Sarah


helbel19 said...

Your block does look lovely Sarah, can't wait to see the quilt all together. I have the next block all ready to go too, just waiting for the time to put it on the FIS blog.


clare's craftroom said...

I love that , it looks so effective 1

Kerri said...

Lookin good. Great points too.

Vickie said...

Oh the cardtick is one of my fav blocks..yours look smashing well done,cheers Vickie

Bec said...

It's gorgeous Sarah! Lovely colours!