Thursday, 16 September 2010

Beautiful Butterfly

Recently, I had the pleasure of quilting this BEAUTIFUL quilt for a client!! Can you see the 4 Butterflies?

Here is a closer look:

Looks great doesn't it?!

Some people are so clever! And, it was my first time quilting Butterflies...... Didn't turn out too bad!!
Such a cold windy day here in George Town! We had a power failure for over 2 hours, got to leave work early, lucky me!!
x Sarah
PS: Desi, I cant seem to answer your question as you are set as a no reply..... can you please email me here.....


Christine said...

Wow .. your quilted butterflies look amazing. Bet your client will be thrilled.

Kerri said...

Your quilting is so good. Love it Love it love it.

Cubby House Crafts said...

Beautiful Quilt and quilting...power off all day here yesterday...but I got to do some handstitching!
Lisa ʚϊɞ