Saturday, 12 June 2010

Birthday Swap Gifts

I may have mentioned before that, both mine and Roseanne's Birthday are in May and every year we make each other something (sometimes chosen, sometimes not) and swap them a few weeks later.

That day was Thursday night! We had a great night opening our gifts from one another with a 'Ned' spritzer or two!

Roseanne stitched this center 'Down In The Garden' block for me! There is SO much work in this block, would have taken me SO long to do it, but she is such a whizz at it!

Such beautiful stitching! Thankyou SO much Roseanne xx

And, I made her this Block Keeper book (she had been nagging and nagging about them after seeing them heaps on our FIS Group!!).
The stitchery on the front was from the Homespun Mag BOM, and I enlarged it and put her initials in the middle:

Of course I made her the bag too.....

The fabric I used is Portabello Market by 3 Sisters:

I am glad you loved them Raz (now I will get some peace and quiet LOL)!
Long weekend here in Tas! I have heaps of things I plan to do, but doubt I will get them ALL done lol
x Sarah


Catherine said...

Peace and quiet/Raz???...enough said lol!!
Seriously though, how lucky are you to have your centre block stitched already!! What an amazing friend!! Cathyx

Roseanne said...

I just love my block keeper you made me for my birthday the stitchery is just Gorgeous. You must of new that I love butterfly's. Love the colour now to fill it up.

Cubby House Crafts said...

What beautiful gifts!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Wow Raz does stitch beautifully...and what you have made for Raz is awesome Sarah...enjoy the weekend...Peg xx

Chookyblue...... said...

beautiful gifts exchanged........nice idea.....

Christine said...

WOW. Love the stitchery block ... great job Roseanne. And the block keeper and bag look wonderful .. love the Portobello Market fabrics. Now I know why they looked familiar .. made Mum a quilt with them last year. Hope you get lots done Sarah. Back to school for me on Tuesday .. still need to do the housework!!

mandapanda said...

Oh wow, there is so much work gone into that quilt block!!! What are you going to turn it into?
Love the block keeper, Roseanne must be chuffed!