Sunday, 6 June 2010

'Anvers Antics'

I know it has been a week since we went to Anvers, but I really had to show you these pics!

Here is a pic of Anvers...... they make the most divine truffles! You can actually watch them getting made through the glass windows inside the restaurant! I have been there for lunch a few times and I must say it was DELICIOUS!!

The Chocolate Testing Centre..... Of course we made a be-line there! They had many truffles to test taste and I came home with a box of mixed truffles (which I have just remembered about!) and some white chocolate raspberries YUMMO!!

Inside the restaurant, they had lots of chocolate memorabilia.....

Gorgeous gardens! Such a tranquil place to sit and have a coffee (and chocolate too!):

Here is Mum, Me and Kate in the Gazebo...... I really like this pic taken by Roseanne!

Hmmmm check out this 12year old......

Hold on Kate, I know how Roseanne drives! LOL

And, you cant go to Latrobe without visiting RELIQUARE!! This place is totally AMAZING! I sneaked this pic (you are not allowed - naughty naughty!). It is FULL to the brim of great stuff..... Cartoon Characters, Porcelain Dolls, Jewelery, Soaps, Kids Games..... a bit of everything!

I do know a lot of people can not go in there as it is just too cluttered, but I love it!!
Our visitors have now all gone back home and we have nearly got everything in some sort of order! lol
Ok, that's it for me tonight! I hope you all have enjoyed your weekend!
I will be back soon with a finish!!
x Sarah


welsh penny said...

Great Day Sarah, And Some Lovely Photos, Me As The Puffing Billy Will Be Pay Back Sometime!mum

Vicki said...

Now, Anvers is fantastic and their truffles are wonderful. Reliquaire gives me the heeby jeebies - can't bear the eyes staring at you wherever you go - dolls everywhere. Sarah can't believe it :D

Catherine said...

Love the pic of Razzy driving the train... looks like you all had a ball!!!

Jo in TAS said...

Looks like you all had a fun time together! Did you visit Wells and Picture Patchwork too?

Lulu said...

As a resident of Devonport, you visited some of my favourite places for ladies afternoons out. Reliquaire is amazing isn't it? They once had a life size doll that looked just like my late nan.

ange_moore said...

We're planning atrip to Devonport to visit family and to coincide with the Latrobe Chocolate Winter Festival in July - can't wait!!

Lynda said...

Love both of those places - looks like a great day out for you and the girls.