Sunday, 23 May 2010


As a lot of you all know, yesterday was my Birthday! Thankyou SO much for all the lovely emails, phone calls and SMS's I received :+)

I had a really lovely day..... with LOTS of visitors!
My lovely Hubby popped out and came home with this GORGEOUS bunch of flowers (can you believe ALL my vases are packed and the only thing big enough to take this BIG bunch is a beer jug LOL):

And, while we were over at Pauline's, I spotted this necklace..... Well actually, I had been eyeing it off for a while on her website and thought I would check it out while I was there..... I totally *love* it so Dennis bought it for me!!

(pic stolen from Pauline's site)
Last week we bought ourselves a new Dyson vacuum as our old one 'died'! Took me ALL day to vacume with the old Dyson, it kept on over-heating and turning itself off! I have yet to try it out properly as Dennis had to be the first to try yesterday...... I sure was not going to stop him!! LOL

I received some lovely gifts and today I will show you what Roseanne gave me (I will show you some more over the next day or so):

A couple of FQ's (totally *love* those!!), bag handles, calico bags and on the top left hand side you can just see the 'golf ball' and Teddy thingy..... they are magic face washers...... you place them in water and a face washer will expand to a 30cm sq face washer! Thanks Roseanne!

I hope you all are enjoying your weekend.
x Sarah


Fiona said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful day - Happy Birthday. Hugs - Fee XX

jeanette h said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH hope you had a wonderful day xx

Cubby House Crafts said...

Happy Birthday Sarah! Lovely lot of gifts especially your necklace!

Deb said...

So pleased you had a lovely birthday Sarah. Gosh there seem to be so many bloggers birthdays about now, very popular time. Love your necklace, its really lovely.
hugs Deb

Maggey and Jim said...

Hey, so sorry bout the b-day thing but HAPPY DAY anyhow.. Hope it was great.

mandapanda said...

Happy Birthday Sarah! I knew it was! Great pressies! Especially the vacuum! Imagine all the housework you can do now! lol
Love the flowers, how sweet of Dennis to go get them for you!
We have those face washers up here too. You can get all the different balls (cricket, golf, tennis, basket, soccor, etc) and as well as the teddy, a plain heart, flower, mermaid, star, car, surf board, whale, and some others I can't remember. We got a heap and gave them as Xmas pressies last year! lol
Big hugs for your Big day...even if they're a little late!

Andrea said...

Happy belated birthday cous xxx If Dennis is anything like Jason he just had to get the first vacuum done and then will not bother again - lol !!

Sarah said...

Oh sarah - Happy BIrthday for yesterday - wow you have been spoilt - excellent.

Sweet Cinnamon Stitches said...

Happy Birthday Sarah!! You got some lovely presents...Think I like the idea of your old vacuum cleaner...stopping all the time...hmm time to do something else!!...LOL...but if hubby is going to use the new one, that's even better!!