Thursday, 6 May 2010

Quilting, Door & Bits

I have been very slack lately with my blogging I know...... but, I have been busy! Lots of secret squirrel stuff going on.... I can show you some soon (on Mother's Day perhaps LOL - yes Mum, its in the mail).

So, because I cant really show you any of the sewing I have been doing, I will share this quilt I recently quilted. Not a fantastic pic I know, Roseanne was holding it up for me (as she always does when she comes, with little complaint (notice I say little and not none LOL), thanks Raz xx) and it was quite big...... she was reaching up as high as she could and still it sat on the floor:

Turned out a treat!

On house news, the bricking in now finished YAY! I will drop around there tomorrow to get some pics of that and show you all....... In the mean time, here is a pic of the entrance door (mind you, it is NOT going to be that colour hahaha):

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Ok, that's me for tonight
x Sarah


Cubby House Crafts said...

Just love your door Sarah...It must be so much fun picking out all the bits and pieces for your new house!

Lynda said...

What's wrong with THAT colour? I think it's lovely.

welsh penny said...

I Agree With Lynda, what's wrong with that colour? Very Nice!, I don't mind if you want to show pictures of a secret squirel project, I promise I won't look!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Love the quilt Sarah, how exciting the house is going ahead, I agree with the girls about the colour...LOL...

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah, I just read your post on Elm Creek quilts. Jennifer wrote "The Quilters Aprentice" first. The others follow but she said she wrote them so anyone could pick up any book and know the whole story.This is why there is so much flash back in all her novels!!!