Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Some of the lovely gifts I received for my Birthday from one of my friends were these Red polka dot cup cake cases and these GORGEOUS Matryosh doll key covers...... TOTALLY *love* them!!

AND, this BEAUTIFUL cookbook...... Some lovely recipies in here (she also made some muffins from the book which she bought with her and we had some for arvo tea YUMMO) :+)

AND, this fabulous necklace!!

Thanks SO much Kristy xx
How spoilt was I?!
x Sarah


Vicki said...

VERY spoilt , and so you should be on your birthday!

Kylie said...

Happy Birthday Sarah - you have been very spoilt you lucky girl. xxxx

Roseanne said...

You have been spoilt. All them lovely presents lucy you.

mandapanda said...

Love those key covers! I got a similar owl one for xmas! And Julie is just the best! Are you watching the currant series of MC?
Nice necklace too! I thought they were buttons at first! Are they made of MOP? It looks like it!

Anonymous said...

What a luvly blog, I really like your stile. I have just started back with my blog...its been such fun bouncing around blog land...see you next post.