Friday, 12 March 2010

A gift for me...........

The lovely Betty from Scottsdale came to pick her quilt up today, and when she arrived, she gave me these GORGEOUS roses........ How lovely of her!! I have them here, sitting next to the computer so I can look at them all the time! I am so lucky!!

On another note, I have a little swap gift all packaged up and have actually posted it off this afternoon..... Now Jan, DO NOT open until the 19th!! I will post pics of that after the swap date!

Got all my jobs done today (apart from the vacuming, recently got it back from the repairer and it just blew up again GRRRRR), so now I have plans for this creative weekend! I hope you all do to!

x Sarah

PS: To all my blogging buddies off to Girls Day In The Country and Kingaroy..... I hope you all have a wonderful time! Looking forward to lots of pics xx


Roseanne said...

Lovely roses. You did a great job on her quilt

Deb said...

Absolutely beautiful roses Sarah. Its so nice to feel appreciated isn't it especially when its such a surprise.
Enjoy their beauty.
hugs Deb