Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Yesterday's 'Stitch In'!

Yesterday both Roseanne and Myself set of early for our trip to Burnie to catch up with some friends for a sewing day! On the way, we stopped at Ulverstone for a cuppa and to check out the Patchwork Store - Cranberry Crafts! they have some lovely stuff there! I totally LOVE this bag, which I bought the pattern and panel to make it:

So, here is my loot! Fabric & Ric Rac to make a Leanne's House Doily, Bucket Handles, Sewing Machine Tin, Cards, DMC as well as the bag patterns and panel:

When we were walking back to the car.... I spotted this! NO NOTE either! I can tell you, there were MANY swear words! In my fluster, I took a wrong turn and ended up doing the scenic route through Penguin to Burnie! Luckily it is only the guard damage and only scraped (not dented) so it should not be too much of a drama to fix - but still! GRRRR

Anyway, once we arrived at Vicki's home, we were greeted by Vicki as well as Christine and Christine! And, this young lady - Ellie! Isn't she just SO cute! Every time I talked to her, she just rolled on her back wanting a belly rub lol!

Here we all are (apart from me, though Vicki has some on her blog!), From Left: Christine L, Christine M, Roseanne, Christine T and Vicki!

Here is Roseanne stitching away...... and Christine T checking out Roseanne's Blog Book which she bought with her to show off! And, it really is great!

Here is Vicki and Christine, sewing away:

Lunch was just delicious..... mini egg & bacon pies, asparagus wrapped in bread, Pumpkin dip (was SOOOOO yummy!), Focaccia bread, and of course... Fairy Bread lol! Christine T even made us all mini lemon cheesecakes which was SO scrummy - she got the recipe from the RED 4 Ingredients cookbook... You should try it! I bought with me some Date Scones for afternoon tea, bought from the local bakery here in GT before I left.... these are HUGE and so yummy!
It was such a fun day, thankyou ladies, I had a ball! I hope we can do it again sometime!
x Sarah
PS: I will have to take a pic of the new project I worked on for the day............


Jo in TAS said...

It must have been the same driver that hit my car in my son's school carpark! I was furious and they didn't even leave a sorry note! GGgrr
All that grumbling aside I wish I could've joined you all sounds like a nice way to spend a day!

Lynda said...

What a lovely day Sarah (even with the car damage - you're right - GRR).

Christine said...

Great day ... ate too much, talked too much, didn't stitch enough but LOVED it. Hope the car's not too much of a hassle to fix. See you soon.

Bec said...

What a lovely day, such fun! But your car, oh my goodness that is so frustrating and dissapointing - I hope it is easily fixed.

blackanna said...

Thank you Sarah for showing the cute bag! I searched for the fabric and found this page
Now a complete bag kit is ordered!

Have a great day and enjoy the time with your stitching sisters!


helbel19 said...

Bad luck about the car Sarah, people really aren't very nice when they do such a thing. Whats better than enjoying a day with good friends and doing some stitching..... nothing I say.


Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

I love the bag and it looks like you had a great time with your quilting buddies!

Isabella said...

Love the pics it's good when you know everybody in the pics :-)

Gloria J W said...

Love that bag Sarah!
Rainbow smiles... Gloria