Saturday, 16 January 2010

Todays craft:

I spent the afternoon at my SIL Judy's place as she held a Stampin Up Party with Martyn! I love these workshops.... you actually get to make something there to take home, and the things you make are awesome!!

Today, we all made a 'Friendship' card..... though Melissa decided to make a Valentine Card for her Boyfriend!

Here is my card:

There were LOTS of great ideas in their new Mini Catalogue..... I had to make some purchases of course LOL!

I didn't bother getting my camera out as Roseanne was snapping away (so if you would like to see more pics, pop over to her blog as I am pretty sure she will put them all up!), she sent me some of the pics she took, this being one of them:

Cheeky little mouse don't you think?!! Made by Judy (the one that gave me to Reindeer Poop for Xmas!).

Looks like rain tomorrow, great weather for stitching..... Come to think of it, any weather is stitching weather LOL
x Sarah
PS: To Judy, who commented on my last post, you are a no-reply blogger so I am unable to email you back, the shop I purchased my Vintage Sewing Cushion kit was this store. And, I must say that this cushion is not small, I have measured the template base and it is 10" across - so once sewn it is approx 9 1/2" wide!!


Scottish Nanna said...

Nice card Sarah I have been to A few stampin up parties Once A month A few of our friends meet At our Friends place and we have A card making day I love making cards Tomorrow is our craft day for this monthI will take photos of what we make and put it on my blog.
Hugs Mary.

Katrina said...

Hi Sis..Sarah.. Love your stamping card.. It's so cute. As I told roseanne..I'm so jealous of your Sewing & Stamping days...Need to come down for a another holiday and join in on all the fun...LOL..

What Comes Next? said...

Nice card! I always tend to go a little bit crazy at those Stampin' Up parties, and buy waaaaay too much stuff! But they have such great ideas, and when I'm there, I'm sure I'm going to try it all! Don't want to mention how many stamps haven't even been put together yet...