Saturday, 2 January 2010

New Years Day travels

I hope your New Years Eve festivities were fantastic!

Ours was a quite one, at home playing the newly acquired WII (LOVE it!!) and cards with Roseanne as her Hubby was away! It turned out to be a fun night actually (I whipped her butt in cards lol).

So, on New Years Day Dennis and Myself decided to go for a run 'over the river'. It is such a pretty scenic drive! Here are some of the pics I took on the way. Here is Gravelly Beach:

And, Rosevears.

This pic here is actually where some of our wedding pics were taken:

We stopped off at Grindelwald. I love this place, it is SO pretty! It is Swiss style village, here is a pic of the main entrance to the shopping village:

Lake Louise:

This is a pic from the tower of the shopping village:

Part of the Mini Golf:

Before we headed off, we stopped at the Chocolate Cafe for an ice-cream...... look at all this Chocolate YUMMO!!

As for that block I was talking about doing, well that is still sitting here waiting to be put together.... got a little sidetracked lol!
I hope you all enjoyed your very first day of the New Year!
x Sarah


Ondrea said...

Great pics Sarah! Thanks for the pic of the choccies NOT- I am trying to be strong now and you're not helping LOL. It is good that you have allowed yourself to be sidetracked, it is good to take time to smell the roses. May the year ahead bring an abundance of all good things to you.

Isabella said...

looks like you and Denise had a good day out, Ray and I got a few Christmas gifts from Grindel World last time we went to Paulines.

Fiona said...

Sounds like a lovely day spent together - Lovely photo's Sarah.

Hugs - Fiona XX

teresa said...

Thanks for the photos Sarah. I've been to Grindel World. loved it!! Don't remember that chocolate place though..... wish I'd seen that!

Bev C said...

Sarah, We called into here when we went to Tassie,happy memories.