Sunday, 27 December 2009

Xmas Gifts part:2

Here is Mum's gift. A Sewing Machine Cover designed by the talented Rose from Threadbare Creations! I made this one in Aster Manor fabrics with the Applique in assorted 3 sisters ranges to keep the colours matching! Mum had mentioned to me a few times that she liked it (well actually LOTS) and I did take the hint - secretly, as she was surprised when she opened it LOL. I must make one for myself (I know, I ALWAYS say that!!). The pattern says you will need 10 Jelly Roll Strips, but I used a pack of charms and cut it into quarters (if your charm pack has 41 you will end up with enough 2.5" squares!) If you would like the pattern for this click here or here.

My Dad and little Brother are golf MAD!! I gave them lots of golf bits and bobs, but decided they needed a Golf Ball Bag each! I had this fabric for SO long planning to make them one but never got around to it, but this year I did! Turned out pretty well I think!

I really *love* these little thread bins that Kerry Swain taught us how to make - quick, easy and a great gift idea! So, I made one for Mum (in Mistletoe Manor Fabrics)and Kate (Amy Butler Fabrics) to go with their pressies..... along with some matching stork scissors (you can never have enough!!)

Ok, so I will pop back in tomorrow (hopefully morning) to share the last lot of gifts I made, then onto what I received!
I hope you all are enjoying your day
x Sarah

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Christine said...

You have been busy, Sarah. I really like the machine cover you made your Mum. 3 Sisters fabrics always look beautiful.