Monday, 21 December 2009

Not long now..............

Only 4 more sleeps! This year, I think Christmas has come around TOO quick! But, I have managed to complete most of the projects I set out to make for gifts - which I am pretty pleased about! I still have a couple of things to finish off. I cant really show much here, as I know I have some 'sticky beaks', so I will share some of the cross hatching I have been doing:

As I was up at 5am this morning with Dennis before he went to work (I know I am mad - I am on holidays!!) but, it was REALLY great, as I actually accomplished HEAPS! I took this opportunity to quilt his quilt while he was out of the house and now the binding is on too - though have to hand stitch it down.... might get up early again tomorrow and sit and do that while watching some movies in the morning (actually, I have an hour and a half until he gets home......)!

This quilt and my own Bon-Bon are the only things for me to finish YAY!!
I hope your Xmas sewing is nearly done too!
x Sarah


clare's craftroom said...

Sarah I'm not even close to being finished , you have just spurred me on , well done it looks fantastic !

Fiona said...

Have a lovely Christmas Sarah - I will catch up with you in the new year and send some more things up. Love the look of the quilt on the frame. XXXX Fee

Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

Oh wow...such pretty fabric! ;)

I am no where near ready either...I have so many gifts and so little time left!

Sarah said...

Hi Sarah,

Have a lovely Christmas time. Been enjoying looking at all your goodies and your generous kindness this year.

xxoo Sarah