Saturday, 12 December 2009

More runners, a visitor and a MESS

I had planned to pop in yesterday..... but I tell you, it just was not my day!! Everything I touched turned to 'crap'.... can I say that here?? To bad, I did! I had planned to get up early - after doing arvo/night shift - big mistake! I had lots to do, but nothing went right, so I had a late afternoon nap (something I NEVER do!!) and just didnt do a thing after that........

Anyway, this is what I wanted to show you.... the Table Runner I made for my work Secret Santa gift. I used a charm pack of Frosted Memories as I wanted it to look Xmassy....... This pattern is the same one I used for the Hampton Blues Runner I made which is my own design..... I must write the pattern up as it is SO quick and easy!

I used little white buttons in every point instead of quilting it. So along with one of the Bon-bons filled will Candy Canes, I think it will be a great gift!

Today, while doing some Secret Squirrel stuff, I could hear all this racket outside. On my investigation, I found this little fella. I rang back inside for the camera and by the time I got back out there he moved from one of the tree's in the back yard and was actually on the lawn! I tried to get a little closer, but he flew away! Then I heard him again..... just down the driveway sitting on the fence - SNAP.... got him!

I have SO many sewing projects on the go, and some not even started at the moment. I just could not work in this mess:

How embarrassing!! So, this arvo I decided to give it a little bit of a clean. I was starting to find that I could not find a thing! All good now!

Ok, better get going...... some stitching is calling! I shall pop back tomorrow to show you another gift I will have finished by then!

I hope you all are enjoying your weekend
x Sarah


Julie said...

hi sarah,
love your table runner. have you been a peeping tom at my house? LOL. funny how we think we have designed something ourselves..... only to see similar elsewhere. i've made a few runners like yours. only difference in mine is the blocks running down the middle are 4 patch blocks. what i really like about this idea is that the runners can very easily be made as long as one chooses.
christmas blessings!
julie xox

Vickie said...

Oh Sarah I am positive the recipient of the table runner will be over the moon..if not lets give her my address eh?...Hope you have more time sewing and less time looking fro stuffs now that you have cleaned,cheers Vickie

Gloria J W said...

Love the runner, Sarah.. and so sorry you had one of "those" days!!
Clever clever girl..
Rainbow smiles... Gloria