Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Makeover & Sweet Treats

Do you like my 'new look'? While helping my good friend Vicki (via MSN chat) put a new template and add some gadgets to her blog, I thought I would give my blog a make over! Quite like this new template I think!

Ok, here are some MORE pics of my lovely gifts that I received! This GORGEOUS bag made by my lovely SIL Kate. This is a Cinderberry Stitches Bag and she tells me that it was in a Homespun mag..... I cant remember seeing it:

Look at her beautiful stitching! Thankyou SO much Kate, I just *love* it..... the colours are just gorgeous! xx

And, my lovely friend Kristy made me some Sweet Treats (and I have to share with Dennis - bugger!!). Rum Balls, Shortbread, Apricot Balls, Coconut Ice and White Chocolate Stars, YUMMO!! All tied with some silver ribbon and a little Xmas Tag which looked SO cute! Mind you, they are all gone now LOL! Thankyou Kristy xx

My SIL Judy made this for me..... hmmmmmm..... Reindeer Poop!!

With the back saying this:

HONESTLY, I did think I had been GOOD this year (I even gave her one of the Bon-bons!!).... Maybe I HAD been naughty a couple of times :+) LOL

Our little nephew was SO taken by this that he wanted some too..... Judy actually had some left over and gave him a bag full - to put in his pooping reindeer he received for Christmas a couple years back LOL!
*** These were chocolate coated Almonds, Sultana's and Strawberry Licorice ***
Ok, I am off to do some chores...... this afternoon I might make one of the Patchwork Party blocks - not sure if I need a set of templates or not - anyone know?
Enjoy your day
x Sarah


Tudy said...

I like the new look.

simplestitches said...

Hey Sarah, love the new blog look....very nice.

Just want to know...what exactly is reindeer poop????
love the card, very funny.

cheers Julz

MARYNAN said...

Hello Sarah, your new look blog looks great!!! I just might start some knitting!!, but having a cup of coffee first.


Kylie said...

Your new look blog looks great - very cute. You have been a lucky girl this christmas. Cheers Kylie

Lynda said...

Love the new look - very pretty colours.

mandapanda said...

I love the new layout! Suits you!
what a great idea with the reindeer poop! Must do that next year!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

LOL - Reindeer to keep that idea on file for next year!!