Friday, 23 October 2009

Latest Project

I have finished the hand stitching on my latest project...... It is a Natalie Ross In Stitches design and is called 'A Ladybirds Serenade' and is available in my online store. I am totally loving needleturn lately...... but am finding the inside points tricky..... I suppose the more I do it the better I will get!

I do afew projects on the go (as always), nothing at completed stage, one nearly.... I shall show you all tomorrow or Sunday :+)
x Sarah


paulette said...

Your work is lovely! Very nice!

Cubby House Crafts said...

Just lovely Sarah! lisa

teresa said...

So cute Sarah.. looks great xx Hope going back to work wasn't too painful

Tozz said...

I love that design and your sewing is really neat and I look forward to seeing the finished project. :) hugs