Wednesday, 5 August 2009

How lucky am I??

I had a lovely visit the other night from Roseanne who surprised me with a special gift:

We usually exchange a handmade gift for our Birthday's, but since we were both a little busy in May we decided to swap a little later. This is what she made for me:

This is a Hatched & Patched table topper. Lovely stitchery Angels all around the edging and lovely flowers around the centre! All in my favourite colours!

What beautiful work! Thankyou SO much Roseanne, I just *love* it xx

I gave my gift to Roseanne earlier than we had decided..... I posted a pic of the gift I made for her here.
I hope you are all enjoying your week
x Sarah


Julz said...

You lucky thing! That table topper is the cutest....I'll be searching for that pattern.
cheers Julz

Isabella said...

Gosh thats really nice Sarah, Raseanne has done a lovely job of it.

Jo in TAS said...

Very pretty!

Deb said...

Thats so lovely Sarah. It has reminded me to get mine out and finish stitching it together!

Suzi-q said...

Lucky girl, its gorgeous

Roseanne said...

That table topper is Gorgeous I wounder who made that for you.. LOL