Saturday, 1 August 2009

And, their done!!

YAY!! My first ever pair of knitted socks are finished!! I actually finished them on Thursday night, so they can be part of July's OPAM Challenge!! I just put them on for the 'photo shoot'!! So, haven't actually 'worn' them just yet!
I have lots of projects on the go at the moment, and I hope to give you some peeks in the next few days - all going well!! Things have been a little crazy here at the moment, and if you are still waiting on a reply email from me....... I am sorry, I will get there!!
Enjoy your weekend
x Sarah


Isabella said...

Good for you Sarah I dont think I could manage four needles these days years since I knitted Gloves and socks :-)

Julie said...

oooh pretty-pretty!
4 needles? well there go my plans! LOL
julie x

dotti white said...

Your socks are beautiful and I imagine that they are very snuggly! Good for you!

MARYNAN said...

Sarah, congratulations on sock no. 2. They look so snug and warm on. You won't know yourself when you wear them for real

Tozz said...

I love knitted socks and yours look great!

jeanette h said...

wow socks look so good and sooo warm just what you need for tassie weather

Christine said...

Love your socks. I'm tempted to try and make some myself. Saw some very yummy sock wool in Melbourne last week ... wish I'd bought some home.

ange_moore said...

Love the socks - well done!

How's your stacked coin quilt going - mine is pinned ready for my first attempt at machine quilting!!

Hope you're not too flat out with work and the online shop and crafting.