Friday, 17 July 2009

An Evandale 'finish'

Yes, I have a finish!! It is not what I started on the day either lol!! I traced this off on Monday as I had finished the hand stitching on the wall hanging..... that way I had some night time sewing to do! Once I finished the stitchery, I added all the borders to both the Button Bag and the Wall hanging at the same time. So, here is my *NEW* Button Bag:

Now, all my favourite buttons can leave this container:
I really *love* buttons, but I just hate to use them LOL!! What happens if I use my 'special ones', then the 'perfect' project comes along........

Look at these ones....... Giggle Buttons buttons......I have had them for SO long! I just don't have the heart to use them...... Silly I know!

Anyways, thankyou Gail for designing such a pretty design! It was such a pleasure to stitch!

Here is my Button Bag, all filled up with the 'special buttons':

As you can see from this picture, the wall hanging is nearly finished too..... should have it done by tomorrow........

Until then, have a great night
x Sarah
PS: I will be getting some of these Buttons & Bows patterns in my shop late this coming week - hopefully, so keep an eye out!!


Rebecca said...

I love your button bag! It is adorable!

Isabella said...

LOVE IT Sarah, will you be getting that pattern in your online shop??

Anonymous said...

That is such a beautiful design and lovely stitching. xxx

Bec said...

Such a cute button bag!