Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Surprise mail

7 Posts in 7 days - I think this is a record for Me!! But, I REALLY have to show you something!
Look at all these GOODIES I received in the mail from the lovely Amanda! I won her competition, guessing the correct snake common name (which is very surprising as I don't know anything about snakes lol)........
She made me all these GORGEOUS things!! I had seen one of these little button broaches that she makes on her blog and was secretly hoping one of these would be in there....... and it was!! Cool!!

And, a wrist pin cushion!! I don't have one of these and I think it will come in VERY handy!
I totally love this little thread catcher with shell buttons! I have never seen polka dot felt before! She must have been spying on me sewing away in my sewing room as the note said 'place next to your sewing machine to save putting your stray threads on the floor' lol

And, you have to check this out....... how cute!! It is a little felt basket with a strawberry on the handle and some strawberries hanging of the front!!

Plus, she gave me a 4 leaf clover necklace AND a vintage Scarecrow pattern!!

So, how lucky am I??!!
Thankyou SO much Amanda! I TOTALLY love all my gifts xx

x Sarah


Isabella said...

what a nice lot of gifts you got

Jo in TAS said...

Wow, some lovely goodies there, love the wrist watch pincushion!

mandapanda said...

I'm so glad you like everything!! I haven't been spying on
M glad the pincushion fits! But then I thought if it didn't, you could always hang it from the button hole.
Now you've seen a broach, maybe you can have a go at making one! It's so easy and lots of fun to play around with your button stash!
DON'T trap a thylacine! It's actually illegal!! Yea I know. Stupud govenment, not acknowledging they're still alive and then making laws againt trapping them.
I've come to the conclusion that they're not like dogs at all, and that they're probably more like the bilby or the numbat.
Oh sorry! Thylacine mode still in full swing! Must find a way to break free...

dotti white said...

Fun stuff!