Friday, 19 June 2009

A little bit of shopping and a quilting class??

Yesterday afternoon, Roseanne popped around after work, we were having a coffee, when we decided to go for a run over to see Pauline! We haven't been for SO long! While over at her shop, I found these BEAUTIFUL fabrics! Now, I am not a 'blue' person at all, but these really did appeal to me! Maybe because of the lovely baby blue shade it is, with a dash of pink, blue and a cream tone! I bought it with a special bag project in mind - but I think I have changed my mind!

I was chatting to Pauline about a quilting class, the Deborah Louie technique. If any of you Tassie Girls are interested, Pauline is taking names - so give her a call and let her know that you are, she might be able to give you a little info. If we get enough people to make a class, we can then talk dates!! If you would like to see Bec's comments on one of the classes, click here.
I know I promised some 'finished' pics, but that can wait until tomorrow!!

x Sarah
Oh and....... got a phone call today saying the part for my frame is on its way!! I CANT WAIT!! YIPPEE!


Bec said...

Very nice fabrics Sarah. What are the projects you are considering to use them for???
I was very excited to read that Pauline is gathering names for a quilting class with Deb Louie! I hope it comes off as you will all learn so much and have a great time!

Jeannette said...

I love the materials I am very partial to blue and pink with a touch of brown. I am in the middle of making a quilt in these colours so hopefully this will cure me.