Wednesday, 25 February 2009

The top is done:

On Saturday night, both Roseanne and Myself put the top of the Anniversary quilt top together. It is now basted and ready to be quilted - which is my job!!
Here is some pics:

If you would like to see more pics, pop over to Roseanne's blog, she will be posting some more soon!!

x Sarah


welsh penny said...

Great job Sarah and Roseanne.It looks so lovely!

Kerry said...

Well done you two, it looks great,
Happy quilting Sarah - are you doing it on your machine or by hand??

Mary Grace McNamara said...

What a wonderful quilt for such a special occasion. I have been trying to think of a nice way to do a memorial quilt for a family here in my city of Leominster Massachusetts USA whose son was killed in Iraq just two weeks ago. I have a friend who is going to help me, and I think a cheerful pattern such as this might be just the thing to surround pictures from his life for his family to celebrate and remember.

I love the color combinations you used and the very busy and fun design.


Anonymous said...

Girls, this is just awesome.

Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

Oh this turned out just gorgeous! I've been wanting to make an anniversary quilt for my parents and boy does this give me ideas. :)

Lady of the Cloth said...

I love the picture quilt, I've yet to make one, but it is on my list.

julia said...

Wow, the quilt is AWESOME! Well done!
{initially I didn't like photos on fabric much but convinced me that it can be beautiful!!!}
Well done!

Anonymous said...