Monday, 2 February 2009

Quilting frame pics:

I just thought I would show you some pics of the project I have been working on for the last couple of weeks on and off. I was telling Jules about my quilt frame and she wanted to see some pics:

This is the quilt on my quilt frame:

It only took me afew hours to quilt this quilt.

I quilted swirls, which I think looks good:

Just binding left....................
x Sarah


Kerri said...

That looks so good. What sort of quilting frame is it and what model Janome is it?????? I have just brought one and it looks the same. I have so many questions. The swirls do look good. Catch up soon

Stina said...

I say the same as Kerri...
I have been thinking of getting myself some kind of frame and sure would like to get some tips!!!
The quilting looks wonderful!!!:o)

Vickie said...

wow Sarah them swirls look great,
and the colours in that quilt are superb
cheers Vickie

Sarah said...

That frame looks awsome. Does it fit for most machines or????

I LIKE the swrls. Thinking of doing a machine stippling class so I learn how to do it properly!

Jules said...

Oh wow Sarah. Your quilt looks gorgeous. I want a frame now too. Thanks for sharing. I have to see that quilt up close when you have finished. have to get together.

P.S Please

Martina said...

I love those swirls! I think they look great ;)
hugs from Italy

helbel19 said...

Fantastic Sarah, thats a beautiful quilt, love the colours.


Bec said...

Yyour quilting is gorgeous!
Bec xxx

helbel19 said...

Just beautiful Sarah, love the colours and your quilting looks fantastic.