Tuesday, 13 January 2009

The new album

I purchased this the other day: It is a BeJewler and it is a tool for applying little gems to your quilt/bag and scrapbooking!! A great thing!!

I decided to add some to the center's of the flowers on the 'Sophie' Album:

I made these little scrapbooking albums a little while ago, and have finally filled one with pics:

I love this one of Sophie and her BIG ball LOL:

The bone she got from my Nan for Xmas is nearly bigger than her LOL:

This is what she looks like once she is clipped. When she gets done she looks SO different and the first time she got done I was SO shocked - though I am used to it now:

Dont you just love this saying:

All done!!

I will be back soon, I have just realised I have not shown my TS chapter 8 which was finished on the 2nd Jan!!
x Sarah


mandapanda said...

what a great contraption!! I'm sure it'll come in handy more times than not...so many things you can add them to!

Julie said...

oh sarah, your sophie is just gorgeous and yes dogs DO make us rich. infact all pets do.

Kerri said...

You must have as many toys like me. Wish we could scrap together. I might get some done.
And Sarah is so cute. I love the hair cut.

Isabella said...

Love it and used with, here we go cant spell it swarcoskie crystals its great did you not see mine???? its in the middle of the centre panel of my runner lol The rings you stored your tags on in your last post would be great to use with your thing at Paulines :-)

Christine said...

Your Sophie album is very cute .. just like her. Looking forward to seeing your TS block.

Catherine said...

Well DOne, your album is very cute, as is Miss Sophie!! Cathy