Thursday, 8 January 2009

Completed Projects for 2008

I would like to start this post to wish my 'Little Brother' Simon a HAPPY 24th BIRTHDAY xxxxx

Well, here it is, my 'Finishes' for 2008!! There are a lot of those tidy bins there lol, and I am pretty sure that I may have missed putting some in the collage LOL!!

I have started my 2009 Diary (I use one every year to record all my projects), with a couple of projects already completed for January!! YAY!! One, which is a gift - a belated Xmas gift (so that is my first WISP for the challenge) I will show that once the recipient receives it and another project which I can not show till later on in the month - actually on the 27th of this month as it will be MY 2nd year BLOGVERSARY so I have a surprise in store for that!! OMG, it has been THAT long!!

Today, I had a creative day with my 2 SIL's and had a stamping day, we made some really great stuff and will show you tomorrow....... If I get a chance :=)

I hope you all have a creative weekend

x Sarah

PS: If you are waiting on an email from me, I am sorry but for some stupid reason they will just not load for me tonight!! Was working this morning when I jumped online for a sec to send an email!! Technology!!


Bec said...

oh wow, what a great idea Sarah! You can really see what you have achieved for the year! and such beautiful work you do....
Bec xxx

Christine said...

WOW, Sarah. You are so productive. The collage is a great idea.