Thursday, 16 October 2008

So different!!

I took this photo of Sophie this morning, just before work. She looks so fluffy.............

Because today she had a hair cut!! Doesn't she look SO different??!! She is quite good now getting clipped, the only time she is naughty is when it is time to be brushed!! She just HATES it!

Sam, the lady who clips her, actually comes to our home and does it, she just parks out on the roadside and works from a little trailer with a bath and all!!

Yesterday, we received this beautiful postcard from our niece Emily all the way from France!! She is having a fantastic time and has told me that her 'host Mum' is a quilter!!

I will be back soon, with some 'secret show and tell'

x Sarah


Scottish Nanna said...

Sam is gorgeous what sort of dog is he or she .
Hugs Mary.

Scottish Nanna said...

Woops Sorry She is a Girl Just had another read It's Too early in the morning I am still half asleep LOL

Lynda said...

She's so cute Sarah!

Jo in Tas said...

Now that's a schnauzer!! They look so different when they're first clipped.

Catherine said...

Sophie you sure are a sexy thing more soggy whiskers for you gorgeous!!! Cathy