Saturday, 26 July 2008

Xmas In July

Yesterday was Xmas in July and I participated in a couple of swaps. Today I will show you the pics for the 'Xmas Tree Ornie Blog Swap' items that I received from Tereasa.
It came just in time, yesterday, all BEAUTIFULLY wrapped in this cute painted box with lovely ribbon:

Once opened the gift was wrapped beautifully with white tissue paper and another lovely white ribbon and card:

To reveal these BEAUTIFUL little angels!! Are'nt they just the cutest little gal's??!!

There wings are made from ribbed cardboard, looks quite effective - would have never thought of that myself!!

Thankyou SO much Tereasa, they are just beautiful xx

x Sarah

If you would like to see more pics of some of the items received, take a look here and here.

I might pop back in tomorrow and show pics of the pressie I made for Bec.


OzRose said...

How cute are they?!?!?!?!?

Christine said...

Georgeous angels. They will look great on your tree.