Monday, 7 January 2008

Happy New Year :o)

Happy New Year everyone!!
My NY was spent at the Launceston Airport, picking up a surprise visitor........ Mum and Dad!! They arrived at about 9.30pm. Then we had the hour long journey back home to our place, where we sat outside in the BBQ area (was a lovely night) chatting with afew drinks! With only Myself and Dennis knowing they were coming, we had previously invited my Grandmothers for lunch to surprise them, and what a surprise it was!!

Out of Mum's suitcase was a Xmas present from my brother Simon and his GF Kate and this is what it was - A 2008 quilt calendar. It has LOTS and LOTS of quilt patterns with a block every day!! Totally JAMMED packed full of great ideas!! Thanx very much, I just LOVE it xx

And, with Mum coming I thought I would hold off sending her presents ('cause one would have been a bit big to send but would fit in her suitcase). I did buy her something small which I sent to her, but she knew I had something to give her once she was here. This is what I made her - A basket with a Leanne Beasley liner to put all her bits in, made with Aubrey Rose fabrics:

A coffee table throw with prairie points using Maderia charm squares for the centre piece:

And, diary book cover (with a diary in it of course!) also using Aubrey Rose fabrics. This was designed by Janelle Wind:

Of course, I had to make something for my dad - so here is the stocking I made for him which had some of his favourite lollies in it........ Bet they are all gone now LOL
Tomorrow, I am off to celebrate my MIL's 70th Birthday with a family gathering at their shack! They dont know we are all going to pile out there (only about 20 mins away) for a BBQ lunch. We only just realised it was to be her 70th on Friday!
Until next time
Happy stitching, Sarah xx


De said...

What a lovely surprise! My brother got me one of those quilting calanders - they are great!

keslyn said...

Your gifts look wonderful, I am sure your mum was thrilled. Those calanders are great, I am sure you will be insired to make some new blocks throughout the year.

Janelle Wind said...

WOW how exciting to pop over here and find another of my designs, beautifully made by you. You have done a wonderful job of my bluebird book cover, I LOVE it. Thanks for sharing your creations x Janelle

helbel19 said...

Gosh Sarah you have been busy, everything looks fantastic. Great calender.... we will expect to see good things soon.