Sunday, 27 January 2008

Blog Update

Hello! I hope you all had a great Australia Day yesterday!! I didnt do a real lot, just layed around in the courtyard doing some sewing. I actually finished Sue's mug bag, but I was not real happy with the way it was put together, so, I have decided to keep it myself ('cause I love it!!) and am now making her another! I have finished the stitchery, fabrics sorted, just have to cut out and put it together. We have had MORE reno's here this last week with my guttering and facias now done - didnt take a pic thought it would be too boring to show. It looks good, with guttering being Manor Red and the facias Classic Cream, so matches with our shed :o)
Also, a little update on my blog, on the right hand column I have put up my 'To Do List for 2008' as well as a gift's section. No doubt I will add to it once I think of more stuff LOL!! Now that it is there, everyone can keep up to date with my progress as last year I only got about half way through them all.........
I dont have any photos to share at the moment, but I have actually finished a couple of things on my list but cant share just yet.....................
Take care, Sarah xx


keslyn said...

It certainly looks like you are going to keep yourself busy and off the streets this year, good luck with the list, I am sure you will have many hours of enjoyment making all of those projects.
Happy sewing

helbel19 said...

Love the way you have done your "to do list" its easy to see all the time, think I might copy that idea. Just remember that to copy is the greatest compliment, well thats my story anyway.