Sunday, 25 November 2007

Hello, I am still about..... :o)

2 weeks since my last post..... sorry..... but I HAVE been busy!! I have now finished the stitchery for my last block of Journey of a Quilter, still have to put it together - hopefully this week. Half done the "Surprise" pressie for the Secret Santa gift as well!! WoOhOo!!
We have just had the George Town on Show here and the local patchwork group had a expo of the local craft. Here are some pics: Can you see my "Chocolate Under The Mistletoe"??
Some of the cushions, dolls, bags etc...... Do I have something in this pic???
As promised a few weeks ago, here is the pic of the Paddington Satchel I made for myself using Mistletoe Manor fabrics - I made this the same time I made Kristy's and have only just got around to taking a pic!! And here is a sneak preview of the Xmas pressie I am making for someone........

And another pic of the visitor I had last week in my garden........ he brought a few mates along too.........

I will try not to leave it too long in between posts - well I am going to Anvers to catch up with some crafty friends this coming Saturday, so I will have some pics to share for sure.
Sarah x


Tina said...

Hey Sarah,
Lovely photos of all the stitching. I miss being able to share ideas with friends and get inspired. In Edmonton I havent met one fellow quilter yet. Happy sewing.

Lynda said...

Looks like a lovely exhibition. Love the satchel. The size of the bees in Tassie blew me away.